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Our core service: To ensure that we support you to the maximum in your everyday life. How? You simply don't have to take care of a lot of little things anymore. You will receive a product from us at exactly the production stage at which you need it. So that you can integrate it into your internal processes in the best possible way. Whether you only outsource individual process modules to us or transfer the entire production chain to the installed assembly or steel construction. What we cannot do by ourselves, we do together with partners we work with very closely. Let all intermediate steps be our concern. And thus gain more efficiency overall.


Design services

‘Before we employ heavy machinery, we use a pointed pencil’. Effective planning is the basis of any steel structure. Not only in terms of its durability and function, but also in terms of efficient production at a later stage. We keep an eye on both at all times. In order to set the right course from the very start, we take over the entire design if you so wish:

- Taking dimensions at the construction site

- Collecting and coordinating all technical            information

- Performing structural analysis

- Producing CAD drawings

- Creating production documents


All the services around it would be pointless if the quality of our products in production did not meet the highest standards. Precision and conscientiousness in every step of the work ensure the necessary reliability, thanks to which you can outsource manufacturing services to MSB Mauer without any worry. Regardless of whether you have samples and individual pieces or small to medium series manufactured by us.

- Laser cutting

- Oxyfuel cutting

- Plasma cutting

- Folding techniques

- Painting & Powder Coating

- Hot-dip galvanizing & galvanizing

- Production of welding assemblies & steel          structures


On-site assembly

We also work for you on the construction site. There, we assemble complex steel structures and take the utmost care to ensure long durability and maximum customer satisfaction. From the load-bearing substructure to the complete hall or bridge: We are at your side until acceptance of the work.


Finished assemblies - conditioned so that you can directly continue to work on them at your site. Always at the right time. Tailor-made logistics is also one of the process modules with which we support your business. Let us pre-produce individual parts and assemblies and have them stored in our warehouse until you need them. And also for just-in-time orders be assured of receiving impeccable parts reliably delivered. In terms of logistics and picking, we also take on all tasks that you cannot or do not want to perform yourself. And this with the highest possible efficiency.


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